UberNeige on demand service


Maybe you don't need the snow cleared  two or three times each storm 

Maybe you only want to be cleared in large storms or with wet snow

Maybe you only want the ends of your driveway cleared after snow plows

Maybe you want to pay for a couple of clearings each year and not a whole season

Maybe you want to know how much each clearing is costing you.

Maybe you think it's not going to snow much this season.

Maybe you want to decide when and how often your driveway is cleared

Maybe you want easy payments when the service is rendered By Visa Mastercard or Interact

Maybe UberNeige on demand service is for you

At uberNeige we Offer On demand, Pay as you go service, as well seasonal contracts. with different service levels, economy or gold, you decide on the level of service for your own needs. ­

Pay as you go ?
Seasonal Contract ?

Which is right for you?

UberNeige Season Contract  service


Maybe you want the snow  cleared regularly until the storm has finished 

Maybe you want to know if you're away your driveway will be cleared

Maybe you want to know you'll be cleared in large storms or small without having to lift a finger.

Maybe you want to pay a flat rate  each year

Maybe you want easy fixed payments per season , per half season or Monthly By visa Mastercard or Interact

Maybe UberNeige Season Contract is for you

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­With a simple app on your phone or computer, Order up snow removal and watch the app to see when your tractor will arrive. see below to find out how our "On demand service" works and which method is best for you.

If you choose a seasonal contract, economy, or Gold service, sit back and relax, if you're wondering where the tractors are, use the app to see when they will reach your place.